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Bigge AFRD – Among the World’s Largest Ultra High Capacity Super Cranes

Growing demand for large modular handling in construction has seen the rise of a new breed of super cranes. Bigge now offers for sale our 125D AFRD (A-Frame Ring Derrick).

Not only can it lift massive loads, it can manage this from one single location, eliminating the need for crane relocation or multiple lifting devices. Once installed the Bigge 125D can move anything, anywhere – quickly and efficiently – and offers a degree of flexibility unprecedented in the construction industry.

No other crane has the capability of serving multiple locations the way the AFRD can. The Bigge AFRD can service approximately 28 acres with high hook capacity coverage.

Watch the AFRD in Action

Purpose-Built Super Cranes – Any Load, With an Immense Reach

Bigge’s Super Heavy Lift Cranes have been deployed at multiple nuclear power plant construction sites since 2011 and have revolutionized new plant construction.

Bigge’s Super Heavy Lift Cranes are unequaled in their capabilities of sitting in a single location and making every large scale super lift on a single or multi unit nuclear power plant site. Imagine the flexibility of having a crane hook capable of lifting any load, anywhere, at any time on your project.


The Bigge AFRD: Heavy Lifts at Great Distance With a Single Crane

  • Enormous capacity capable of lifting and setting of oversized modules
  • 28 acre coverage – single crane serving multiple locations on the entire site
  • No loss of service from crane relocation down time
  • Unparalleled flexibility in construction erection sequences
  • Construction schedules can be managed in real time knowing the crane capacity and availability are not a constraint
  • Excavations will no longer need to be completed and filled prior to having heavy lift equipment ready for service
  • Module heavy lift pre-assembly and staging locations can be more flexible and conveniently located

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